I woke up and was out of the house by 6:30am. Drove downtown in just-barely-humid air, all the windows down, singing along with whatever was on the radio. Found a parking spot outside the Museum for Crime and Punishment (Seriously, DC...there's a museum for everything here!) and hoofed it over the the National Mall.

I ran with thousands of others. I ran in memory of my Aunt. I ran in support of my friend Dal.

It was sunny and humid, and  there were a gajillion people there - I totally couldn't even find my running buddy AW! And while I LOVE lounging on my porch on hot days like today, I'm definitely a fall-winter-spring runner. I love exercising to get rid of cold toes, but my body's not so good with getting rid of heat...it likes to hold onto it! It was a struggle...I felt a little like a worm on hot pavement.


But I have no illusions, friends...pushing my body on a muggy day is a walk in the park compared to chemo.

I made it through the finish gates without tripping on the bumpy pavement or running up the back of sudden-pace-changer. And, as I was walking back to my car, sucking down water like a sponge and heaving to breathe, my face the same color as my red tank, a lady passing by said "Thank you. Congrats!"

Thank you? That's weird...

She was wearing a Survivor t-shirt.

And, on a busy street corner in Northwest DC, I started to cry.

Some fun things:
And my five:
  1. Physical health.
  2. Opportunities to stretch in small ways.
  3. Excuses to eat pan pizza and ice cream.
  4. Super-cool video shoots at work. (This show is going to rock your FACE OFF. Seriously.)
  5. Early bedtime. I'm whupped.


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