treading water. or, too many parentheses.

So, today was all about being busy and having a million things to do, but not actually getting anywhere. Granted, I didn't lose ground - made some great progress. But it's the first tech week of the summer, and there are PEOPLE! EVERYWHERE! And they WANT THINGS from me! Like INFORMATION! And PAYCHECKS! And CIVIL CONVERSATION!

(Sigh. SO demanding.)

Suddenly any semblance of grace that I may have tried to maintain has gone out the window. So many loose ends, hoops to jump through (and the one I tried to jump through this evening was not just a bust, but was also vaguely humiliating...) and events to advance, and so few brain cells.

(I'm watching Ace of Cakes, btw...and there was a little segment about Duff being able to laugh at himself...about not taking things too seriously. That's some amazing timing, my friends. But the fact that the universe is trying to help me out through cake-related messages in my tv? Well, it's a little too early for me to take that tooooo seriously.)

(But in August? All bets are off.)

The best part of all this? The people. Yes, those same people who want things from me....but here's the thing. Finding out what folks need, what they're hoping to glean from the summer, making those personal connections and helping them through their journey? That's really the big reason that I love this job. Having designers pop into my office, chatting with colleagues, watching artists become more confident, inhabiting roles, taking artistic risks, holding their own in conversations on panels and with reporters and donors alike...the payoff is huge. And, even though I've had only the smallest, most tangential relationship with many of them, it doesn't stop me from feeling proud as all get out when they do well.

I'm having a rare quiet evening...hubby is at a work function, and my colleagues are at the Zaide orchestra tech. It's a welcome evening, for sure. And while I was treading water all day? My hubby was kicking @ss on the home is clean, landscaping is neatened up and re-mulched. AC is fixed. The Invisible Fence guy has been by (since El Diablo decided to run across the road Sunday morning. Not. Cool.), and the house has been power-washed. Hub's GC skills are indisputable, and my little house looks so much better for it! Thanks, babe!

My five:
  1. Quiet time.
  2. Chocolate sauce from the fridge on a spoon.
  3. Kind, gentle colleagues. (Happy birthday, GTW!)
  4. "Leverage." ("Can you come back in 5 minutes? I'm leveraging...")
  5. A night to read and rest.
P.S. Check below for my latest foray into video editing. I have to say, my work is the shoddiest part - the production and thoughtful answers from the artists were absolutely LOVELY. 


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