y'all gots too much stuff...

So, Google Reader! It's a magical thing that finds all kinds of lovely, interesting things on teh interwebs and puts them on a virtual bookshelf for me...so that I can look impossibly important in the grocery line, consulting my iphone for the latest LOLcat picture, crock pot recipe, or tidbit of international opera gossip.


My reader has been over 1000 pages almost since its creation. Since we have a "bring something in, take something out" strategy for our little house, and since my office has (Draconian! I swear!) limits on email inboxes,  Google Reader is the easiest place for me to hoard.

(BTW, if there ever IS an internet Hoarder-type show? Please do NOT volunteer me for it. I'm OK with my mental clutter. I neeeeed it. It's just a little bit. My husband thinks it's cute. Pleeeeease......)

I digress.

I was finally digging through my reader, and I found some cool things to share. So, let's commence some Friday evening link-o-rama!!!
  • These. i'm waiting for a silver line, but would TOTALLY take anything from here in a pinch.
  • I'm not a huge liquor drinker, but maybe that's just a remnant of my misspent, uneducated youth. Anyhoo, I think that this is a great idea.
  • Um, EXCUSE ME??? Who thought this was a good idea???
  • I am making this. No guarantees that there'll be any sharing.
  • This might be my birthday present to myself.
  • MOST PERFECT FOOD EVER??? (I know, no bacon...can't be.)
  • Love it. I will have more patience with recalcitrant machines.
  • I lived in lots of old houses, and often came across things like these sandwiched between wall boards or carpets and floors as insulation. They're both crazy and charming.
  • The treehouse that I never had. WANT.
  • Everything old is new again?
  • How does this girl get INTO MY HEAD?? 'tis a little creepy.
In other news, I walked the dog past one of my neighbors' houses this morning, stopped to play with her pooches (Boo's girlfriends...yeah, he has more than one.), and somehow I walked out of the yard with my dog AND a pair of ridiculous nude leather, strappy, buckled, platform, hoochie sandals.

Before 10am.


Plus the Pittsburgh Baritone stopped in to visit AND hubby made some super chic-chic dinner reservations for my birthday. And a certain tiny dachsund was so happy to see me that he widdled aaaaaall over the place. (It's safe to say that he's the only man in the world that loses his mind to that degree when I walk into the room. Which is a little sad... but I'll take it.)

The trend continues tomorrow with closing night of show #1 and the fantabulous JB's birthday! I smell purple...

My five:
  1. Fun surprises.
  2. Getting out of my head.
  3. Great colleagues.
  4. A good tailor.
  5. Heartbreakingly gorgeous spring weather.


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