I swear it's been seven years since that last post. Seriously.

We've done a metric ton of work.

We started prepping for the National Symphony's July residencies.

We started rehearsals for the Studio Scenes program.

We welcomed an old friend back to work with the Studio.

We opened (and sold out!) Turk.

We made a trek to Castleton to hear this lady and this lady in this show. (If I had a nickel for every audition resume that switched the placement of the u and o? I've have at least a buck.)

(We may have stopped here on the way to Castleton. And may've also stopped here on the way home. And, had we taken a car larger than my roller skate? We would've undoubtedly brought home waaaay more loot.)

And I'm totally enjoying finally sitting still. It was a beautiful day, full of fun things and gorgeous weather. (And a little bit of directed tree climbing, as the cat decided to see how high he could get. He's such a punk. Good thing I'm in touch with my inner ten-year-old!)

Early to bed tonight...Turk #2 tomorrow.

My five:
  1. Low humidity. Hallelujah!
  2. Climbing trees.
  3. Long drives and good conversation.
  4. Sleepy boys.
  5. Great singing.


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