In the thick of it!

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Two performances yesterday: one at work, and the other at the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC. A side trip to a Biergarten to sweat out a tribute to CM with a passel (read: move than five) singers. Miles (ok, a slight exaggeration) walked in hoochie shoes.

Not quite enough sleep. Shocker.

Today, Rodgers & Hammerstein at the FC. It's going to be hot as BLAZES. But in this quiet time before rehearsal, listening to the sound check and the casual bacstage conversations, it's a lovely, lovely day.

My five:
1. Enjoyable colleagues.
2. Surprises - the good kind, obv.
3. Backstage birdsong. There's a cardinal roosting somewhere in the building!
4. Snacks.
5. Laughter on long days.


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