it's the summer...

...and some days are, in equal parts, luscious and brittle.

Luscious in the fact that we get to roll around in this crazy art form...the voices, the orchestra. Small, intimate art song...bombastic, multi-part choral finales. Delectable, lascivious musical goodness.

Luscious in the ways that all of the artists grow and change throughout the rehearsal process. And, in watching that cycle, the build-up of trust and confidence and skill, we remember why we fell in love with the art... we also grow.

Luscious in the small ways that we build each other up...that we anticipate what might be needed and take that extra step to make the day "just so" for those we care about...whether it's a constant smile, a well-timed joke, a tasty treat, or a shared moment of trust.

Brittle in the way we crumble at a pointed, unkind word.

Brittle in the ways the details undo the best plans.

Brittle in the ways we're unable to make the rough places smooth. (Does anyone have some karmic WD-40?)

Made brittle by the simple facts that we will never have enough time, enough money, or quite enough good will to do everything that we try to do quite as well as we envision. (It's by no means a talent thing or performance thing - we're pretty freakin' awesome at that stuff, IMHO. But in other ways.) Made brittle by trying to do right, and being wrongly used. Made brittle by lack of rest, by lack of mirth, by lack of trust. Made brittle because, no matter how noble our intentions? Sometimes they're just not enough.

(And by we? I mean me. Although I do totally suck at the whole "well-timed joke" thing.)

Evidently, I cannot hide the "brittle" part of this equation, as I have been, oh so generously, released from work for a day. And, in true Stockholm syndrome fashion, I feel totally guilty about it, and will no doubt spend way more time checking email and texting "you need anything? i'm running errands..." to everyone I work with.

Because, even though my reserves are low, I do still want to be generous. I want to be helpful.

My five:
  1. Earnest, clear leadership. 
  2. Shared histories.
  3. Honest conversation.
  4. Chocolate. (I feel like I should have a "Special Thanks" section devoted to all things cacao.)
  5. Hoochie shoes.
And, because I do want to be helpful and generous? Videos and music, of the non-operatic sort. Songs and voices that I find generous, in some way.

(i LOVE this song, but my true favorite part is the peeper cameo at the very's made for summer)

Paolo Conte...I thought of this tune every time I looked at the Turco set.

and this? is how i'll likely feel after a day on the porch.


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