my unofficial sideline?

Ticket broker.

You see, while I work in the opera/classical music side of a larger foundation, most folks know our name because there are pop/rock acts that are booked all summer long at our large, 7,000 seat venue across the road.

(Confession: I've not seen a single show other than those I've worked. Officially LAME.)

So, when the calendar is published, folks make a run on tickets. Usually. But sometimes they forget...they decide to wait...I mean, who really knows what they'll be doing two months from now, anyway? And then? When they try to buy tickets? There aren't any left. Because actually, 7,000 seats for a rock shed isn't all that many.

And THAT's when the emails roll in. Usually when life is amazingly busy. But I try to help out (read: beg my friends in the Box Office to find tickets) where I can. Usually I can get tickets, and the folks enjoy the show, and that's the end of it.

But today? TODAY someone said thank you! With a biiiiig box of gourmet chocolates.

It's my first ticket thank you gift!

And it is super tasty.

I could say how sad it is that we don't say "thank you" more often, that we often take things for granted. Heck, I would place myself squarely in that taking-things-for-granted category. I'm embarassed about it, but I'm there.

But a gesture this lovely? This classy and thoughtful? It makes me so grateful. It makes me want to tell folks how much I appreciate them, what they do, who they are. To be more thankful, more gracious, more appreciative. So perhaps I should be saying a very special THANK YOU to a lady who helped me look outside my busy schedule and miles-long-to-do-list, to see a little bit of the bigger picture.

My five:
  1. Inappropriate Aria Night. Better entertainment and more laughter cannot be had, my friends.
  2. Picture day!
  3. Sitting in on rehearsal. Rustics and Three Oranges. A great musical day!
  4. Hoochie shoes.
  5. Gratitude.


chinger006 said…
I thought you screamed your lungs out at Wilco last year?
rahree said…
ah, i should've been clearer. only sen shows that i've worked on so far THIS summer. i did, in fact, leave my larynx on the lawn during the wilco show last summer. :)

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