R&R, the Aftermath

The weekend was lovely. Two days off in July? An unprecedented gift. Time to hang with the Uncles, to meet their fabulous new neighbors, to eat and drink waaaaaay more than I should've, to lay on the beach with this book and bask in the sun like a lizard on a rock. More good stuff than I could ask for.

Sadly, while marginally cold-blooded, I am no lizard. I know this because lizards don't get sunburns OR sun poisoning. And Rahree? Well, she is evidently susceptible to both. In a fairly large-scale manner. And is quite seriously considering buying stock in McNeil PPC. (They make Benadryl. THANK. GOODNESS.)

(You know how, in my header it says something about never being too old, too fat, too stupid to fry yourself to a crisp on a Delaware beach? (Or something like that?) Yep, that's true, and I am sad, itchy proof.)

Luckily, I have some seriously incredible musical balm to bask in. This show opens on Friday, and it is seriously fabuloso. And our Audition Tour Compadre, CameraMan, is shaping some gorgeous sounds from both the stage and the pit. Oftentimes I find voices that negotiate this rep to be cold, if amazingly technically proficient. This group? Sweeeeeeet voices. (And men in drag. And gypsies. And a bunny puppet. But that's all beside the point. The singing is crazy good.) I'd encourage you to come, but alas, I don't think there are any seats left.

(It's a great problem to have.) :)

11 hour turnaround before hitting the office tomorrow, so here's a quick five:
  1. Air conditioning (please don't jinx it!). It's hot as hell in Virginny.
  2. Benadryl. 
  3. Engrossing stories.
  4. My former students - they're a formidable group of women, for sure. And I miss them so very much.
  5. Laughter. Even though we're busy, there's a whole LOT of it floating around our offices. 
P.S. I wore my old sandals to work today...the ones with the HUGE wooden platforms, the ones that I bought in college, the first pair of truly ridiculous shoes I owned. SO, in tribute, here's a dose of some of my most favorite retro for you. 


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