so many shows. so few brain cells.

If you check here and here, you can see all of the performances that we've had, and those still remaining. Late July is challenging here, because not only are we still up to our keisters in summer performances, but were also planning for the fall audition tour and the spring 2011 commission premiere, all while saying goodbye to singers and staff as they head for their next challenges. It feels like almost time to relax, but nothing's further from the's time to dig deep. Getting through July demands mass quantities of candy. And, subsequently, the discipline to work some of that candy off. Here's my start. Gah. Thank goodness for low humidity, but I'll be grateful when the temperatures are chilly again, if only for the jogging angle.

Since I don't have much to say other than "work," I'll leave you with links. Sadly, a whole lot of them are food-related, because I'm dying to get into the kitchen and make an unholy mess. It'll have to wait just a few more weeks, I'm afraid.

My five:
  1. More baby birds in my impatiens. Four of 'em, this time!
  2. Fondue. Who knew?
  3. Good talks.
  4. Pop-up thunderstorms and clear-headed interns.
  5. Seeing the finish line.
And for you? The tune that got my butt around the neighborhood. It's not a new tune, but I hadn't really listened to the words. I like it. (Enough to listen to it twice in a row mid-jog!)


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