Symphony. Party of one.

Somedays my job is the coolest EVER.

Take today for example. I spent about a half hour in the office, trying (vainly) to get through my email inbox. And then I hopped in the car, drove to the Kennedy Center to meet some of our singers for a rehearsal with the National Symphony.

It was a short rehearsal - four songs and a duet.

But in the audience? Moi.


(Okay, okay...our coach MB was there, too.)

But being the only person sitting in the KC concert hall? Listening to some fandamtastic singing and playing?

Bliss, my friends. Sheer bliss.

If you don't mind seeing it with several thousand friends, I'd invite you to come and hear for yourself... I would guess, with the breeze and the birdsong, that tomorrow night's performance might actually be more lovely than my private concert this morning.


Posting will be light until next week, as we have 3 performances in as many days. Whew!  Wish us luck and bring us chocolate. We'll need both.

My five:
  1. Not needing to speak.
  2. Avocados.
  3. Lisbeth Salander. I loved those darn books way more than I expected to!
  4. Private concerts.
  5. Snuggly pets.


renee said…
Oh, I so wish I could attend! It sounds divine!

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