Today's bullet points

So, we've hit that time of the summer where the ADD is in overdrive, and meetings dissolve at a minute's notice. Among the topics that were addressed today?

  • Tickets. (You know you want to visit and see what I'm constantly blabbing about!)
  • How to talk to donors.
  • Onstage gangb*ngs at Santa Fe.
  • The deliciousness of chicken salad with walnuts.
  • Mallets for wood blocks.
  • Wigs with built-in fiber optics.
  • Orchestral issues.
  • Fed Ex issues.
  • Handicapped accessible vans.
  • Performing while pantsless.
  • San Francisco audition spaces.
  • Earl Grey tea.
  • Frustrations, in meeting format.
  • Dance class, and picnics. (And how the two should never be in close proximity.)
  • People who take their jobs too seriously.
  • Eagerness vs. anxiety.
  • Unadvised windmill-tilting.
...and that's just the stuff that came up in conversation. It's officially the season on "You snooze, you lose," as 30 seconds of daydreaming will place you squarely on the wrong side of any conversation...and, at worst, several degrees removed from the answers you hoped to acquire. It's an exciting, anxiety-inducing, crazy-busy, highly fun few weeks that we're staring down! And one that demands more quick-firing muscle fibers (of both the muscular and mental varieties) than any other time of the year.

Quick translation: I love you. I miss you. Please, my beloved friends and family, send me as many emails and voice mails and text messages as you want. Facebook the living bejeezus outa me. I LOVE to hear from you! But please don't be sad if I don't respond immediately...or at all. I'm using all my synapses at the office, and when I come home I'm staring at a particularly comforting spot on the wall and rocking myself gently back and forth.


ok, I'm back. But only long enough for my five:
  1. Rainy summer days.
  2. Chilled rose. Who created this stuff? 
  3. Work-sanctioned ADD.
  4. Heart-to-hearts.
  5. Blueberries.


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