We interrupt this operatic season to bring you Sue and Pete! Cute, aren't they?

Sue and Pete, if we lived in a perfect world, would be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary today. And yours truly and her crazily hairy little brother would've carved out some time and cash to throw them a totally kick-ass celebration. Epic. (As in, waaaaay more box wine that you've EVER SEEN IN ONE PLACE.) And the party would've eroded into the ritual retellings of family myths (like Sean Connery having season tickets to the Pittsburgh Pirates games) and various embarrassing childhood stories....like Roberto Santa'Ines...and my run in with a box turtle. Throw in some mandatory time showing off my long-dead piano chops for a whole-house polka sing-along? Yes, and yes.

Entry #1 on my "woulda coulda shoulda" list? Throw my parents a totally over-the-top party.

I didn't get my act together. I thought I'd have more time.

So I have to ask...what's on your list of things to do? What do you need to say? What's on your life list? And, of those things, can you do any of them right now? This very minute?

Then do.

Because, no matter how much we want things to stay the same? They don't. It's really the only constant.

Take the step. Say it. Do it. Damn the torpedos, if you must. But it's better than being silent.

Stop wasting time.

My five:
  1. Mom and Dad. A weirder, sillier, more loving couple the world can not know.
  2. My brother. Who is weird and silly like me. Thank goodness I'm not alone.
  3. Performers and artists who are brave enough to be open, and in many ways raw, onstage.
  4. Music. A soul's balm, for sure.
  5. Good work to bury oneself in.


Unknown said…
What an adorable picture of your parents, and a sad but wonderful piece about what should have been a rockin' occasion.
rahree said…
Thanks, lady. I have no doubt that they'll find some way to make up for lost time, somewhere. :)

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