Every once in a while...

Sometimes everything works in my favor.

Sometimes I have time to sleep in.

Some days I can spend an hour shoe shopping and having coffee with a pal.

Some (most) days I spend with happy colleagues.

Some days are full of easy rehearsals.

Some days are also full of beautiful weather.

(The best days are full of both.)

All days benefit from tasty sandwiches, but actually achieving said tastiness? Only on good days. (You thought that food wouldn't enter into this? Silly, silly, silly.)

Some days revolve around great, honest conversation.

Some days revolve around lush, enveloping music.

Some days smack you in the face with stunning artwork.

Some days these great things are shared with thousands of my closest friends.

Some nights? It sure doesn't feel like work.

My five:
  1. Holst.
  2. Symphony peeps. They're fab.
  3. Lovely late-July weather/ (Usually? A myth. Today? A beautiful reality.)
  4. Snoring boys.
  5. A solitary, quiet glass of wine at the end of a good day.


Unknown said…
Love it, and so appreciate the sentiments.
rahree said…
@ susan_chiang you and yours are a HUGE part of it! the happy colleague/honest conversation/ stunning artwork? that's y'all, in force.

i for one am both humbled and indebted that you summer with us, even with the mistakes we inadvertently make. Cheers to you!!!!

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