Friday morning.

I'm sitting on the porch in my bathrobe, cup of coffee next to me. The dog is rolling around on his back in the yard, reveling in the smell of the grass or the way the earth feels or any number of things that dogs find pleasing. The cat is eating grass and daring the squirrels to come just a leeetle bit closer. The weather is sunny, cool, and more refreshing than late August really has a right to be. It's a perfect morning.

It's after 8am. I am running amazingly late for work.

I am not going in to work today.

Actually, I am not going in to work until September.

That's right. September. After Labor Day. It might be more vacation time than I've ever taken in one fell swoop while working here.

I'm running errands like a madwoman this morning: cleaning, gym, grocery store, bookstore, PetCo. But then? Then we're packing up the truck for several days at the beach, at Chez Oncles, where the rule is that there are no rules. Sleeping late? Fine. Breakfast at 2pm? Cool. Naps? Yes, please. The only absolutes are that cocktail hour starts at 5, and no one's going to serve you, so help yourself.

(It's paradise.)

And I have to say, I'm ready for it. I'm having a difficult time separating myself from my job, which means that I'm too embroiled in work to really take care of myself or my little family. Don't get me wrong - I love my job! The folks I work with I consider friends, rather than just colleagues, and I love spending time with them, working towards shared (and also awesome) goals and projects. But our collective shorthand has become a little toooo short...when we're finishing each other sentences, and it almost looks like we have ESP? Well, that's a sure sign that we're spending too much time together. (I swear I've told the same stories over and over again, and they're just too polite to call me on it, or too tired to remember.)

So this weekend will be devoted to both reflecting on a fairly fantastic summer, and recharging some of these relationships and beneficial behaviors (hello,'s been a while, I know...have you missed me?) that have been hibernating all summer. Reading, napping, sunning - WITH sunscreen this time, biking, chatting...all on the agenda. And I'll be refreshed and ready to tackle my last project of the summer - this concert, which is one of my favorite projects. (Seriously, writing contracts with the language "to be sung in English and Elvish" makes me giggle every time.) I'm looking forward to some uninterrupted time with the Hubster, and am hoping to add some new stories to my tired repertoire.

My five:
  1. Colleagues who take care of each other.
  2. Perfect weather.
  3. Time away.
  4. A good reason to buy more books.
  5. Agenda-less days.


Casey said…
You soooo deserve a fabulous break! Here's to aimless enjoyment of life on your vacay!
rahree said…
thanks, lady!
Anonymous said…
"Colleagues who take care of one another." At the top of my list too!
rahree said…
Amen, girl! Couldn't do it without you!

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