I had my two lovely days off, and it simply wasn't enough.

My fuse is short, I'm second-guessing myself and reading into things waaaaay more than well-rested, sane people do.

I tried to run this morning, and it was both difficult and discouraging.

I'm desperately trying to wrap things up from the season, while trying also to get things started for the chamber music season. I'm helping with some grant writing, prepping a video for broadcast, returning set pieces to a local university, and trying to do year-end budget projections.

Oh, and I have one more show. Several days of breakneck rehearsals with a cast of hundreds, including one of the two people who officially got on my last nerve this summer. 




I'll try to bring Pollyanna back, but chances are that she won't resurface until after I get a few more days away from the office. Radio silence until then, I'm afraid.

My five:
  1. Cool, cloudy, quiet days.
  2. Lavender dryer sheets.
  3. Cuddly pets.
  4. Friendly neighbors.
  5. Annie's bite-size oatmeal cookies.


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