Last night marked my last evening with the NSO for this summer. You see, while most of my work is opera-related, we have this crafty ampersand in our department title...opera & classical programming. So part of our summer season also deals with the National Symphony's summer residency...9 or 10 concerts at the big theater.

I love these evenings. The folks at the NSO feel like old friends, and the repertoire ranges from the sublime (Bruch, Prokofiev) to the ridiculous (Lady Gaga, What's Opera, Doc?). The weather has been a bit hit or miss, but the crowds have been's been wonderful to see thousands of people crowing the park for classical music! (And I ask again, WHO SAYS CLASSICAL MUSIC IS DEAD? It's alive and well at the Trap, for sure!)

The throughline? The orchestra plays the spots off of it all. They're pretty fantastic.

(And, every once in a while? I get to be the Voice of God at the top of the show. I won't lie, it's pretty awesome. And I gladly don't have to worry about earning a mid-announcement smooch or wet-willie from a certain conductor like my friend DDD from the NSO often does when he announces.)

Last night was my last evening with these folks...and, while we'll have a smattering of conference calls and meetings over the next several months (because planning for 2011 has already started. Oh, yeah.), I'll miss chatting them up every week or so.

I'm resolving to make it downtown to catch a performance this fall at their house, hubster in tow. See you soon, friends!

In other news, I'm enjoying a lazy morning before this evening's tech rehearsal. We open our last (*sniff!*) show of the season this Friday. And while I wish that meant that things were slowing down, they're totally not: we have several grant proposals due, as well as exit interviews, recording sessions for the radio show, video to edit for the next Discovery Goes Digital,  and our annual reviews. Do you know how hard it is to reflect when up to your @ss in alligators?? Pretty hard. But as long as I have a job at the end of it, I'm OK. :)

(Here's hoping.)

My five:
  1. Low-humidity August days. All two of them. :)
  2. Extra cups of coffee.
  3. Cicadas...sounds like deep summer.
  4. Porch time.
  5. Sunlight on wind-blown a nature-made disco ball.
And, for you? For putting up with the continued lack of content on this little blog? Another of my favorite cover tunes. Happy Saturday!


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