monday, 8:30pm

Reflecting on the last Monday of the opera season. Here's today's breakdown.
  • Family Day - the first ever! - in the Barns this morning. On-stage pictures, chances to play with the supertitles and celeste and the LED ice cubes. Sandwiches, and makeup displays and Britten's fabulous Midsummer score in heavy rotation in the pit. It was difficult to tell if the kids or adults were having more fun. (I still have purple feathers tucked into my hair from the mask-making activity.) Bravo to RT for a great morning!
  • Desk work. Holy loose ends, batman!
  • Tickets for the last performance. Sold to the walls, with a wait list that's almost reached double digits. 
  • (By the way? I can't really believe it's the last performance of the opera season. It seems like Zaide happened last year, or yesterday. Time is a funny thing.)
  • Meeting with our colleagues in Development and Special Events...which ended with someone cutting the meeting short ("short being relative - it was a 90 minute meeting!) because we looked so tired. While I won't disagree, I'm a little sad that the fatigue was so obvious.
  • Home during daylight. Israeli couscous, spinach and some of the best feta cheese in memory. 
Tomorrow we bid adieu to Midsummer, and shortly thereafter to the singers and staff members that have made this summer such fun. It's a bittersweet time of year, to be sure...for as much as I'm dreaming of cooler weather and boots and stew and evenings off, I'll miss these folks, the crazy pace, the laughter, the ridiculous inside jokes.

Mostly? The music and the laughter. I'll miss those the most.

Less than 12 hours after the show closes I'll be ensconced in a recording studio with 4 of the nicest guys in classical musicland, working on recording the narrative bits for the radio show. In trying to switch from opera to chamber music, I'll be grinding some serious gears; but I know that the guys will be nice about it, even if I'm not actually able to make a sentence until Thursday's sessions.

(Heck, they'd probably be totally impressed if I could actually MAKE sentences on the first day. No worry of that this week, to be sure.)

My five:
  1. Changing seasons.
  2. Still loving my job after 5 summers.
  3. "book google that shit."
  4. Closure.
  5. September. The REAL new year.
And some more music. Because I need to broaden my playlist beyond Pyramus and Thisbe.

It's an oldie, but a favorite.


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