RIP, old friend.

My phone is dead. My poor, sweet, first-generation iPhone. (I'm a traditionalist. Don't laugh.)

Granted, it had been dying little by little over the last few weeks...a cracked case, GPS that got lost in a paper bag, and strange stallouts. But I was counting on it to get me through until August 12...the day that my shiny, new phone is to arrive in the mail.

I never thought that my stalwart companion would resort to feline-assisted suicide. My hubby fished the poor, dripping thing out of a bowl of sudsy dishwater. The cat actually seems pretty pleased himself. The bastard.

(He's going to make a lovely pair of gloves...)

A moment of silence, please, for the recently departed.


So here's my conundrum. Do I make do with my office phone and my house phone? Or do I go out and buy a 10-day replacement? Do I embrace the small amount of extra space in my life? Or do I find another lifeline? This question would be totally moot - I would go without - except that my boss, KPW is heading to the wilds of New York for several days, starting tomorrow.

I know... I know.

My five:
  1. Long drives and good conversation.
  2. Lobster.
  3. Silly dogs. Especially mine.
  4. Flexibility.
  5. Dreaming of autumn.


Anonymous said…
Buy a 10 dollar Tracfone at Staples or Walmart

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