sloth, celebrated.

I'm spending the day making sure that both the couch and the porch furniture doesn't float away. Also, I'll be critiquing the cicadas' singing, shopping for autumn dresses online, and hopefully napping intermittently.

Yesterday ended in a MUCH better fashion than it began, and while I'm achy and fairly dumb today, I'm  achy, dumb and quite content. 

(Midsummer folks? You rocked my world. Seriously. Let's do it again tomorrow, shall we?)

To tide you over until I'm back to my regularly-posting, Pollyanna-ish self? LINKAGE! MASS LINKAGE!

  • I've actually downloaded a whole slew of the tunes featured here. Starting my fall soundtrack - I'll share once I've edited it down from 3 days worth... 
  • RC? This is for you. 
  • I'm tempted to try this, knowing full well that I'll likely wear more of it than intended.
  • Swap "day" for "summer."
  • Oh, mommy needs, too, my babies.
  • Now that she's finally arrived, I need to buy her this.
  • This might be dinner tonight.
  • Fidgeters, rejoice!
  • I'm not a FourSquare-r, but this totally made my inner 12-year-old consider it...
  • Impermanent light graffiti. Amazing.
  • This will be mine. (And, incidentally, it will look fabulous with my favorite boots.)
  • Drink this in remembrance of me. (Because hey! My name's practically on the label!) 
And the song o' the day. I love this tune.

...and, last but not least, my five:
  1. Open windows.
  2. This Old House on PBS.
  3. Long-sleeved shirts and shorts.
  4. Poetry.
  5. Quiet.


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