tooo wired to sleep!

Kickass evening in the theater, folks. We got our first (?! What is UP with that???) standing ovation of the summer. 'Twas a loooong time coming, but I'll take it. The luxury casting, along with having thousands onstage? Magic, plain and simple.

 In the too-cool-for-school category, I finally, FINALLY got my very own fiber-optic red fright wig. I think it really brings out the crazy in my eyes, don't you? (KPW and I joke all summer long about our operation feeling like the chocolate assembly line from I Love Lucy. (the part specific to our operation starts around 4:20) Three guesses as to who's Lucy and who's Ethel in our little screenplay...)

This has been a great summer in so many ways...fantastic music-making, good people, and just enough low-key drama to keep things interesting. While I'm ready for the pace to slow down, I'm not quite ready to bid adieu to these great folks.

Y'all come back now, y'hear?

Changing gears tomorrow, and heading into WETA's recording studio with the boys to record some material for Center Stage from WT. And, while my job on these days really boils down to Chief Researcher/Lunch Procurer, I have to admit that I'm jazzed for a change of pace, to turn my ears from pure approval and adoration to more critical matters, to get crack-a-lackin' on booking the 2011-2012 chamber music series.

(And I have to say, modestly, of course, I am an EXPERT lunch procurer.) It's gonna be a good day.

Change is a good thing. Onward and upward, my friends.

My five:
  1. Remembering to preset the coffee maker. Waking up to a fresh pot is luxurious.
  2. Watching the risks pay off.
  3. Coming home to snoring boys. 
  4. Closure.
  5. Change.


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