well, then!

It's Friday. And, for the first time in months, I'm having a textbook civilian Friday.

Got to my desk at a reasonable time this morning. Actually got some things - work-related things - done!

Lunch to bid adieu to two of my favorite people in the world, followed by a breeze by the mall in search of this book. I was unsuccessful, but I'll track it down sometime, for the pure cheese factor.

And then? After lunch/shopping? I headed home. That's right, home.

AND? I have BOTH Saturday AND Sunday off.


(I should buy lottery tickets...I'm feeling that lucky.)

What, you need more evidence of my lucktasticness? My luckiosity?  Behold...

Exhibit A:
I went to the gym this afternoon...a little yoga to round out my workweek sounded like just the thing. The instructor was new to me and super nice. We went through a bunch of sun salutations and the like, and were just getting to the hang-out-in-chair-pose-until-your-quads-are-on-fire-and-then-hang-out-some-more part of the class when the fire alarm rang. Yep. FULL BUILDING EVACUATION. My quads are SAVED! Time to head home for a glass of wine and a meatloaf sandwich on the porch! WIN!

...which leads me to Exhibit B:
I'm on the porch, with said glass of wine and said meatloaf sandwich, and notice a dog trotting by. A leashless, human-less dog that I don't recognize trotting by...and I know the names of the neighborhood dogs better than those of the neighborhood humans. A car with a concerned young couple stops, and we all corral the dog. I offer him water and meatloaf: he refuses both. (He's either upset or insane, because my meatloaf is THE SHIZ.) I tell the young couple that I'll handle him, when my gorgeous Latina neighbor comes out of her house. She says that she saw a lost dog sign down the road, so we head that way, taking the dog and her hubby's cell phone and calling the vet clinic in Burke VA listed on the fella's tags. Bella Latina says "Boo's gonna have a brother" while I hope vehemently that she's wrong. The clinic tells me that the dog is Otis, and gives me a phone number. Which is, unfortunately, dead. We walk around the florist's shop when Otis sits and refuses to budge. AWESOME. It's hot, and this snobby dog (who hates my meatloaf!) is thwarting all my attempts to reunite him with his owners!

And then I hear "Hey, that's my dog. C'mere Otis."


Dude is trying to start his car in the parking lot. And didn't know where his dog had wandered off to, but knew he couldn't be far. We leave Otis with his human and head back to the house. Problem solved.

And, finally, Exhibit C:

A dinner invite...to a super-busy friend's home with an acquaintance/blogger/professional culinary god doing the cooking. A.Ma.Zing. The friend is someone I adore, but our summers are so busy that I lose touch with her for months. But I'm psyched that this marks the beginning of the easing of schedules, of getting reacquainted, of reconnecting with the friends I've neglected since May.

Yep. I'm feeling pretty lucky. I wrote a song about it. Here it goes:

Ok, so maybe I didn't write it. But I think it applies.

My five:
  1. A respite from the summer's pace.
  2. Great colleagues - I'll miss you, RT & JB!
  3. Good friends.
  4. Tying up loose ends.
  5. Impending vacation. (Yes!!!)


Unknown said…
Lucky, lucky day!!! Or should I say special, special day? Hmmmmm.
Oh, I just talked to the person in charge of Karma benefits and was told that you've got a bonus coming your way.

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