Whiny McBitcherson

I keep trying to write something thoughtful, or witty, or even halfway entertaining...but nothing's really working.

I'm tired. 

I have lost my temper with some people who, frankly, may have deserved it. (Being pretty darn conflict-averse, you know that if this has happened it's been a long time coming.) The cat and dog are still waking me up on the early side of early. I am resigned to a middling performance review even though my body is telling me that I did in fact work my @ss off this summer. My hubby has reached the end of his patience with my crazy schedule. I have standing water in my basement. The people who I have kindly been putting off until the end of the season are banging at my door with emails and phone calls and "friendly" reminders and scheduling requests. The dishes and laundry have not learned to do themselves. I'm grumpy and puffy and sour.

My inner monologue is channeling Marlene Dietrich. "I vant to be left alone."

(The irony is, once everyone does split town and we're finished with the season? I'll be refreshed and ready to hang. And I will miss everyone!)

Lest you think that my life is allllll post-post-post-teen angst, however, this show opens tonight. It's gorgeous...simply gorgeous. And Act Three? One of the funniest things I've seen in a loooooong time.

Here's hoping that the day ends in a better frame of mind that the one in which it started...shouldn't be that difficult, I suppose.

(Snout and Flute - I'm looking at y'all to make sure that happens.)

My five:
  1. Quiet.
  2. Home-grown mint with blueberry pie and ice cream.
  3. Jammies. Might wear mine to work today in a midsummery tribute.
  4. A hint of autumn in the air.
  5. Finish line in sight.


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