early morning

Well, the sun's not up, but I sure am. I'm sitting on the porch - lights on - waiting for dawn. It's warm - indian summer warm. The sky just behind the house is getting light in tiny degrees...currently it's a little less black than black.

Hubby is already en route to work. But I'm sitting here, listening to the crickets and waking birds. Watching the cat stalk something in the yard, wondering at a prehistoric-looking moth, who is trying so very hard to get into my house. Trying to silence the to-do part of my brain, and to just enjoy the world waking up.

The five things I'm thankful for today:
  1. Clean slates.
  2. Quiet breezes.
  3. The opportunity to sit at the piano.
  4. Hubby-made coffee.
  5. Breathing room.


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