Heinz Post.


Catch up.

Get it?

(I think I should probably remove "Stand-Up Comedian" from my Life List, eh?)

So, the last week has been contradictory....largely run-of-the-mill, but with some very cool exceptions.

In the run-of-the-mill category? Cubic meters of dog hair and laundry. My inability, despite my years, to maintain a manicure once I pass through the salon doors. Catching up with neighbors in the cool evening hours. Cursing at the minivans who drag race down my street in an effort to get their kids to catholic school on time. Wanting (and actually wearing) tights waaaaaay before it's technically cold enough. (Hell, the calendar says autumn.) Sitting in meetings, fantasizing about skipping the office for auditions a full month early. Collecting stinkbugs and tossing them out the windows. (I can kill ants and mosquitos, but anything else leaves me with a guilty conscience. Don't ask me why.) The blessed return of football to my Sundays. Finding that some days are awesome running days, and on others you just hope that showing up and putting the torturous miles in will count towards that goal somehow.

(Wow. You see how I just used the word "running" instead of the more accurate "jogging" or "shuffling" or "convulsing" or "throwing her fool self down the road"? That's called creative license, my friends.)

In the cool exception category? A trip home for a great weekend with the Moms and two of my best girls. A last-minute porch sit/season debrief with a good friend. A doggy playdate with Boo's newest (and maybe feistiest?) girlfriend and her beautiful momma. A fan-damn-TAS-tic dinner here, with some warm, interesting folks. (And seriously? The best service that I've maybe ever experienced....and food that beat the service. An historic night in the Gastronomie de Rahree!) A new dress. The return of pinot noir to my evening wine repertoire. Watching this evening's sunlight through leaves both green and red. Cooking dinner on the fly, and having it turn out AWESOME. Getting a check back from my FSA before I even get the glasses for which it's meant to pay. An energizing visit from a tenor friend who I met when I was interning with my current job...he looks great, and it makes me so happy to see him doing so well.

And the non-cool category? Very. Little. Blessedly.

So, by and large? Things are just lovely here in the 'burbs.

But, referring back to my Life List...I actually don't have one. No list of 100 things I should do in the next year, the next ten years, before I die. No written-down list of things I want to accomplish, see, do, be. And I'm torn as to whether I want to create one. Sure, I have five or ten things that I want to do/be/see/accomplish. (Is that enough? 100 seems like a LOT.) And I know that once I write something down, the chances of me actually doing it increase exponentially. But will it just make me feel more frazzled? Will it help me direct my leisure time into things that are both fun AND good for me? I don't know. I started to notice friends and acquaintances keeping these lists right around the time that my dad died...thinking about accomplishing anything, with life being so amazingly brief, seemed foolish at the time.

But now? I'm not so sure it's not a good idea...

My five:
  1. Clouds...September has the most amazing skies.
  2. Cinnamon. Maple Syrup. Brown sugar. 
  3. For the first time, defaulting to listening rather than speaking. (don't get used to it...)
  4. Quiet nights at home with my boys.
  5. Sweaters.


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