links and bullets. 'Cuz that's what I got.

  • I have completed The Purge of 2010. (My helper taking a well-deserved rest at right.) Bags of clothes, boxes of extra martini glasses (yes, there IS in fact such a thing) and hair straighteners and lamps and spatulas all smooshed into my roller skate, ready for Goodwill and their next home. I threw out the old spices, unmatched socks, the vats of hair product that made me look like a homeless woman, the masticated books, dead batteries, and badly chipped plates. All gone. The saddest thing is that, while the insides of my cupboards and closets and drawers are all sparkly and pristine, my floors are still covered in animal hair. If I throw that much stuff away, shouldn't the dust bunnies take care of themselves???

  • It's still August hot. 90 degree highs. And, while the humidity is thankfully low (THANK YOU), it's still hot as blazes. I'm ready for wool. And tights. And boots. C'mon weather gods, help a girl out...I look WAY better with more clothes on. 

  • I usually surf in the living room, hanging with hubby, dipping in and out of various TV shows. But this (tight pants. you won't regret it.)(well, maybe you will) and this and this have contributed to my new habit of surfing with earphones. 

  • The mosquitos have been totally, 100% terrible this year. I walked the dog last night without dousing myself in DEET, and have no fewer than 26 bites on my legs. Twenty-six. I'm an itchy-scratchy fool. 

  • Along with jonesing for cooler temperatures, I'm also desperate to start mucking up my kitchen again. This and this and this especially...and homemade bread and thick soups and oatmeal cookies. And I have a whole tin of dutch-process cocoa that I have to use in the next two weeks...anyone have ideas?

  • New nostalgia mix! Up at the usual place. Up until Saturday, or whenever I remember to take it down.

  • One of my favorite shows has been a bit of a dud this summer. Here's hoping this awesome gimmick will revive it!

  • Why yes, I am seven feet tall and weigh two-hundred sixty pounds! I just can't really play piano...

  • I was hoping hubby and Boo would get the swing of this on vacation. (Get it? Swing???)

  • In the Great Purge, I found a gift certificate that the hubs had given me. Cashed it in for a serious pedicure with a 40-minute foot rub attached. But now I'm bruised...pampering or ABUSE?!?!? It's a damn good thing my toes look cute...

  • An explanation as to why you'll find me making any excuse post-show to avoid schmoozing. 

  • I might make this the next iteration of my five. She's brilliant. AND she introduced me to Leslie Hall. WIN. 

  • This? A booty shaker with the grandaddy cuss word all over it? My middle-school self is TOTALLY in love.
Sending you all wishes for a lovely, labor-less Labor Day holiday, full of naps and good food and laughter.

My five:
  1. Sunshine.
  2. Unread books.
  3. Quiet time.
  4. Restocked cupboards. 
  5. Exhaling.


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