lost in the little things.

I spent the morning mired in details. Trying to dot "i"s and cross "t"s. Except that when I did? I noticed that I hadn't completed the sentence.

And that? Made me grumpy. That moody adolescent who screams "Why MEEEE????" right before stomping upstairs and slamming her bedroom door? She sat behind my desk aaaaaall morning.

Luckily? I had an intervention.

Boss Lady suggested a tasty lunch and an afternoon spent plotting out all of our tasks, and triaging. (84 action items. Count 'em. 84.) LawyerLady (JB's new nickname!) sent a gorgeous bouquet of flowers out of the blue. This song turned up on the radio as I ran errands at lunchtime, and flooded my head with happy memories of my pretty roomie dancing around our Shadyside apartment. I ate my weight in lobster bisque and fantastic bread. And I actually made it to my trainer's class for the first time in weeks.

The day? Turned around.

Thanks, interveners...you purposeful folks, and those of you who just happened to help out when I needed it.

Good things:

My five:
  1. Team work. (And our little team is pretty awesome, IMHO.)
  2. Pleasant surprises.
  3. October.
  4. Dark nail polish.
  5. Tights.


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