past my bedtime

By nature I'm an early riser. Ask my mom (go ahead! DARE YOU.) about my childhood, and she'll tell you that she never, ever slept when I was a baby. She'll likely wax poetic about panelling my room with cork tiles and putting up blackout shades (and maybe tinfoil? to keep the aliens from reading my mind? but you'll have to ask her about it...) to keep me from waking up with the birds. Yep, she'd do it all over again if she had the chance, I feel sure. I was her little angel...

(that last statement is maybe only partially true...)

Fast-forward more years than I'd like to admit. I'm still an early riser...still love the sound of birdsong, the feeling of being the first one up, enjoying the slow-motion wake-up of the wider world. Coffee on the porch, a slow, quiet start to the day? Well, that's the best kind of wake-up, in my opinion.

But sometimes my super-awesome job? Well, it doesn't jive so well with my circadian rhythms. Like tonight. It's currently well after 1am, which to many of my summer pals is early early. And, after a great night and a sold-out symphonic (yeah ORCHESTRAL MUSIC!) performance of a fantastic movie (did I ever tell you that in 5th grade I constructed a hobbit hole out of papier-mache and scraps from carpet and wallpaper stores? I didn't?!? Well, it's probably because my nerd cred is solid enough without that particular bit of info.) I'm totally wired for sound.

Here's the thing: regardless of when I go to bed, I'll be up by 7:30am tomorrow. It's sick sick sick, I know. But true. So I'm surfing the net, writing little snippets of horrible poetry, wading through new music, making lists of things I know I'll be too tired to do tomorrow. I should go to bed! But I'm too awake.

And that's why I'm blathering to you.


My five:
  1. The official finale to my summer season. It was a pretty wild ride!
  2. Weather cool enough to make opening a bottle of red wine a good thing.
  3. Rainy weekend mornings.
  4. Hubby- he leaves every outside light on for me when I'm working late. 
  5. Laundry-and-football-filled Sundays.
And a few things that made me smile:


cynthia said…
I feel the need to request a change of places with you this morning, having been woken at 5:30am. :)
rahree said…
ok, THAT's a little early even for me! tell those sweet babies of yours to let you sleep!

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