Today's checklist:

  • Morning run. A surprising 4.9 miles. My longest run ever! Start the day feeling like a rock star? Check.
  • Midmorning work session. What a lovely surprise to find that I had already written the 2 contracts that have been on my to-do list for weeks! Contracts? Check.
  • In the great-minds-think-alike category, the boss lady and I made hair appointments (we see the same woman - KPW recommended her and she's fab! the only stylist I've ever stuck with.) on the same day, exactly one half-hour apart. Without coordinating the appointments. Crazy! (The mind meld is still going strong! Not sure if that's good or slightly creepy...) Anyhoo. Lookin' good? Check and check! (And the boss lady's looking foxy too! Dark colors are in for fall 2010!)
  • Afternoon work session. Money, travel arrangements, and a letter of recommendation to write. Rec letters are WAY easier to write when you don't adore the person for whom you're writing. Writing an unabashed love-letter to a nameless entity on behalf of a fabulous person? Check.
  • Evening at home. Spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread. Carbtastic! And totally allowed, because I ran to CHINA AND BACK this morning. Full belly? Check.
  • Porch time. Playing catch with the dog and surfing until it gets too dark or the mosquitos suck me dry. Perfect end to the day? Check.
In keeping with the listy format? Some links.

And, my five. No gimmick, just things I'm thankful for.
  1. Cool breezes and impossibly blue skies.
  2. Proving to myself that I'm not as fragile as I thought.
  3. Having a body that works, most of the time, the way it's supposed to.
  4. Ravenswood red zin.
  5. Honest fatigue, that quiets the mental washing machine.


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