unpleasant realizations.

It turns out that I am, in fact, one to hold a grudge. I'm in a lovely rehearsal for a fun project, surrounded by nice people and good music making, and yet there are two people who done me dirty, and their mere presence is ruining my little party.

Now, let it be said that it took a long time and quite a bit of dirty-doing for me to snap. But now that I have? I'm not so much able to let bygones be bygones...maybe by this time next year, but a few short weeks just isn't enough time.

Someone slap me and tell me to GET OVER IT.

Or at least to be nice until I can bid them adieu for the year.

It's September. I'm wearing a sweater (ok, only because I'm in a room with gonzo air conditioning.). I had a pumpkin spice latte AND a pumpkin scone for breakfast. I'm back at work, seeing friendly faces for the first time in over a week, and I got a cubic buttload of work done. The utility company removed the big eyesore of a telephone pole from my yard. It's been a GOOD DAY. A good day that was preceded by a totally lovely vacay. I have NO RIGHT to be grumpy!

I need a poker face, a duck's back to roll this bad mojo from. Because this isn't really the girl that I want to be. I'd really like to remove emotionally stingy from my personal vocabulary. Any advice?

(Drinking on the job is, regrettably, not an option.)

My five:
  1. Sunny days.
  2. Pumpkin spiced soy lattes from 'bucks.
  3. Antique car shows.
  4. Crazy, wonderful dreams.
  5. Long sleeves.


chinger006 said…
Remind me to never be on your bad side...like EVER. :-)
vkwheels said…
who could piss you off so thoroughly?
rahree said…
Rich - there are a handful of people in the world that have made me feel like this - no worries. and VK - no one you know (i think) but i'll find you for storytime. :)

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