...aaaaaaand GO.

I'm writing this, thanks to Apple's tethering technology, from a comfortable seat on a northbound train. Auditions for the 2011 summer season (! wow, that seems far away.) start tomorrow, and because we're high, masochistic, or both, we have 633 auditions to hear over the next several weeks.

Over. Six. Hundred. Auditions.

(Makes me a little tired just thinking about it.)

But today is a totally civilized travel day...train ride to NYC, checking in at a new-to-us hotel (in Times Square. I'm a little sad...I reeeeeally like the UWS.), a stop at B&H to procure a fancy-schmancy new video camera, and some meetings with prospective directors. Add to that totally GORGEOUS weather and the possibility of reconnecting with old friends, and it makes leaving my boys almost OK. :)

My five:
  1. Sun-filled autumn days.
  2. Train travel. Infinitely more civilized than airplanes.
  3. New songs.
  4. A change of scenery.
  5. My fabulous hubster.


vkwheels said…
Hey! That's MY line!!

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