big run day

Today our house was up before dawn, and Hubs and the pup jumped into the truck shortly after sunup for a quick trip to Pennsylvania.

On my agenda today? A long run. Because honestly, that 10k next weekend is scaring the pants off of me...and doing the miles on my own is a necessary step to doing it with faster, stronger runners.

So, 7:30am. Sneakers on, iPod charged. Chuggachuggachugga.
And I did it.
My thoughts about it:
  • Holy CRAP I'm tired.
  • And my muscles are reeeeeally tight. I'm walking like an old lady.
  • There were two women who were running together for part of my route. They took every spoke they could, crossing and recrossing the main trail. They were FAST. And they often looked like little girls playing tag on the schoolyard... when I stopped hating them for being so skinny and fast, I started really enjoying the playground-quality of their run.
  • I have a teeny-tiny competitive streak...and it comes out when people pass me. But I'm not at a fitness level that I can maintain a kick-ass pace. Enter Beck... and the song that saved my life. I must've listened to it 8 times...every time I started to push too hard and lose my breath.
  • I ran (I use that word a lot...please substitute "shuffle." It's more accurate.) through the folks setting up for Oktoberfest, past a park that I didn't know existed, through the heavenly aroma of cinnamon rolls next to Whole Foods. I saw a jillion dogs, one recumbent bike, lots of cyclists and runners. And shufflers....I'm not alone.
  • I may not run the race next weekend. I know, I know. I'm psyched to have actually done 6.3 (!) miles, but it was a real struggle...and I hurt. I might, realistically, need more training to do it well, more comfortably, and without hurting myself. We'll see how I feel in a few days...if I'm achy, I'll listen to my body. If I'm feeling good, I'll try it. 
  • (Either way? I'll be signing up for another one. For. Sure.)
  • (I can't believe that the girl who was in Bobo Gym Class in high school, who never played a sport, who hated to sweat, just ran 10k. Of her own volition. And - mostly - enjoyed it.)
To celebrate my accomplishment? Heartfelt kudos from the hubs - he's my inspiration. Add to that a new laptop (YESSS!!!) and a day spent with one of my besties? An INCREDIBLE day on the books!!

(Hell, if this is what every day post-run is like? I'll HAVE to do it more often!)

My five:
  1. A healthy body.
  2. Burning enough calories to eat WHATEVER I WANT ALL DAY.
  3. Wool sweaters and flip flops.
  4. A lap full of sleeping cat.
  5. Precious time with Rach.


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