Day One.

Auditions. Boy, they're a weird thing.  We had some really great singing today! But we also had a touch of "crazy eye" syndrome (i.e. acting creepy to convey a character. Here's the thing - almost no one really thinks, IRL, that they're creepy or the bad guy or the villain of the story. We're all the heroes in our own, personal stories - it's the circumstances that the person - or, in this case - character finds themselves in that makes for the crazy. Find the humanity, and leave the crazy to the set and costume designer.), and more than a little oversinging in our lovely, yet live, little room. And the nerves...oh, lordy, my heart goes out to all of you folks who are brave enough to do this for a living! Just know that we really do want you to have fun - when you do, we do too.

One of today's biggest surprises? Hearing a lovely young woman audition...and realizing that the last time I heard her sing was when she was a middle school student. That makes me old, sure, but that makes her pretty cool.

However, I am still waiting to spot my first pair of OMG audition shoes. EG sang in a lovely pair of black pumps with a slight ruffle that were classy...they're my favorite pair as of right now. But they were very conservative...I'm watching... somebody rock my world! (please!)

We spent the evening in Morningside Heights on a working session (and following tasty dinner) with our favorite (living) composer. And now? To bed, to bed, to bed.

My five:
  1.  Doodling. I love this blogger (and also her blog), and am making this part of my 30-day routine...a doodle a day. Nothing worth sharing with you yet, but when I make one I'll certainly share it here.
  2. Quiche. Comfort food to the max. 
  3. Mushy text messages.
  4. Reunions.
  5. City skylines from quiet rooms.


Nell said…
Yay for doodles! Can't wait to see what you create :)
rahree said…
keep your expectations low :)

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