momma woke up in a weird state of mind this morning.

not quite enough sleep. good memories of a fun evening reconnecting with a friend twisting together with some tragic news. there's not enough space in my brain to reconcile the two extremes.

hubs being out of town. more dream-crushing on today's work to-do list.

i'm feeling unsettled, and impotent...there's not any way to avoid these things or make the rough ones better for the other folks involved.


so that my mental state doesn't rage across Teh Interwebs? Good links.
  • i need an armload of these STAT.
  • but if you bring them to me? this is what will happen.
  • boy, i wish i had thought of this seven years ago!
  • fellow shoe-whores: would you wear these?
  • Boo's homework...i expect to be able to play this when i get back at Thanksgiving!
  • this would make that starbucks order WAY easier to carry...
  • and now? name that Police tune...
and since I'll be humming that tune all day? well, you should too. i hate to be alone.

My five:
  1. health. 
  2. quiet mornings.
  3. catching up with friends.
  4. hazelnut coffee.
  5. cold fingertips.


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