house arrest

Well, we're about 2.5 weeks away from the yearly audition tour. I'm equal parts excited and reticent. Excited because, well, it's exciting! Seeing old friends, hearing new voices, making eeeevil plans for next summer...really, what's NOT to love?

Oh, that's right. My hubs and my pets and my little house and my sweet neighborhood (and my beloved hoochie shoe collection) can't come along. Sad face. :(

I'll miss my small town's Halloween parade. (And I LOVE those Shriners in the teeny tiny cars!) I'll be walking in the autumn weather, but with no hand to hold. (I guess I could hold the Boss Lady's hand in a pinch, but that'd be pretty weird...) And all those pals that I finally started to get caught up with after the summer? Yep - they're back on the back burner, yet again. Sorry, my lovelies.

So I'm enjoying being home. I'm taking every opportunity to hang out at the house. I'm cooking more than I should, and skipping the gym in favor of jogs around the 'hood. And it's suiting me quite well, I have to say. Please join me on the porch in the next few weeks - I promise I won't be far away!

And, speaking of the audition tour, a word of advice to those of you who've not applied yet? Your resume should be NO LONGER THAN ONE PAGE. ESPECIALLY if you're applying to the Studio program. You may be an exceptionally gifted, experienced 20-something, but you're not 2-pages experienced. I promise. Edit, edit, edit, my babies...leave the most important stuff.

(And if you don't want to edit? I recommend writing a blog. Lord knows I do blather on...)

Speaking of blathering? Some links! To cool places around the interwebs!
  • Made this for dinner, after being inspired by JBW's facebook status.
  • I could've been this woman - a serious case of "there but for the grace of God go I." Judy B, I neeeed you to get that law degree!
  • I wore these to work today. Granted, I may be crippled tomorrow, but damn, I looked cute today!
  • Worth watching. I hear they cover George Michael and Sade, which makes me so happy. Also, the fact that the singer looks like Joaquin Phoenix is a bonus.
  • Can Farmville really be that large???
  • Stopped me in my tracks. (from Jess at bravissimi. You should visit her. She's super cool.)
  • Cool, but I probably wouldn't wear them unless I was going to be surrounded by kids. Or tripping adults. That'd be fun.
  • Everyone needs a Whenwolf.
  • The picture is ridic, but the quote is sound.
And my five:
  1. Scarves.
  2. Roasted squash.
  3. Quiet evenings. 
  4. Fleece-lined slippers.
  5. Pinot noir.


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