i did it!

I actually ran a 10k.

Hubs drove me down to the tidal basin this morning (and didn't even grumble as i got us sooo turned around. Good man!) as the sun was coming up, and took the dog to play some frisbee as I walked to the starting line. The weather was gorgeous - sunny, cloudless, and cool - and the course followed the banks of the Potomac river...which meant that it was lovely and flat. :)

I certainly didn't set any land speed records, but I maintained a pace under 11 minutes per mile. I didn't stop to walk. And I enjoyed it....really enjoyed it.

There's a correlation between running and singing for me. Last night and this morning I could feel the old nervous thoughts inserting themselves into my routine. The upset stomach, the irritability, the "what if"s jumping around my head. It was my old pre-performance narrative, adapted for running..."you're going to finish last." "you're going to twist an ankle and then you'll be SCREWED for the audition tour." "children and grandparents are going to smoke you, TurtleGirl." But once I got to the line, heard the music and the announcer, and passed through the gates? It mostly went away. I knew how to do it...had rehearsed enough with shorter distances, with running to a certain playlist, that it had become second nature. I could enjoy the scenery, snap my fingers along to the music (and yes, I may have sung a few bars), and pace myself in a way that felt, well, good.

I told myself that the 2 things that I wanted out of this morning's run was to complete the course without walking, and to pace myself in a way that would make that possible. And I have to say that even though I totally wanted to rabbit at the beginning (Because passing people? Is AWESOME.), keeping myself in check, my breath underneath me,  and my steps steady for the first half of the run really made a difference. I even had enough steam at the end to pass a poor bloke.
(Who knew I was a wee bit competitive??)

I'm crossing Run a 10k off of my imaginary life list.

My five:
  1. Supportive hubster. He's the best.
  2. Cookies for breakfast.
  3. Rising to a challenge.
  4. Advil.
  5. Looking for the next challenge.


vkwheels said…
Awesome!! You Rock!
rahree said…
Thanks, lady! Just trying to keep up with you! :)

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