Rollin', rollin', rollin'

(This was the view from my New York hotel room. Fitting somehow that it overlooked the DKNY studios...)

Writing just a quick bit on the train to Philadelphia. It's been a long, lovely week full of all kinds of operatic goodness. And while I treasure the singing, the highlights of this week have been about communicating...I was so lucky to have some great one-on-one time with friends that I haven't seen in the last 4-15 years. We ate, we laughed, we remembered silly stories, we comforted each other and talked about happiness and love and life and the kinds of big, exciting ideas that come from good reunions. I feel lighter and more energized having spent time with them.

Tomorrow is Halloween, and we're hearing auditions all day. Wonder if anyone will be coming in costume?! I will be questing for candy prior to the auditions...if I'm successful, everyone may have a slightly sweeter day tomorrow.

My five:
  1. Challenging, exciting conversations.
  2. New York food...I'd be two-ton Tessie if I lived here. Holy moly there's good eatin'!
  3. Hugs from old friends...balm for the soul.
  4. Quiet time.
  5. Getting out of Times Square. Whew!


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