auditions: the monologue edition

One of my favorite parts of the Studio audition process is the monologue. We require a one-minute modern piece, so that we can see/hear the auditionee in their native language, without dealing with the rigorous bonds of vocal technique. Sometimes we ask for the monologues when the other rep on the list won't tell us anything new about the candidate....sometimes we ask when the sung performance is stiff or awkward, and we need a different take on the performer...and sometimes we just like the excerpted piece.

Some of the good ones we've heard so far, volume 1?
  • Autobahn by Neil LaBute. (The work is composed of short plays, so there are several options to choose from.)
  • It's Called the Sugar Plum by Israel Horovitz-Zuckerman. "Strudel dough, strudel dee!" Short, with fun wordplay. And silly - a giggle is worth a thousand words!
  • The 13 Hallucinations of Julio Rivera by Stephen R. Culp. A slightly bawdy take on Dorothy and Oz.
  • Richard's monologue from Two Pianos, Four Hands by Richard Greenblatt. About quitting piano lessons.
More to come, I'm sure! The keys are to know your piece well, to find and deliver the beats cleanly, and to connect to your audience. We've seen lots of good examples over the last week!

Today we wrapped up our first date back at the Barns, and it's been lovely being home for a bit. I'm sad to bid (a temporary) adieu to IvoryTickler and SilverDollar. But tomorrow begins the real work: packing for 80 degrees and sunny (Houston) and snow (Cincinnati) in the same, less-than-fifty-pound suitcase...

...AND still managing to bring at least one pair of cute shoes.

(might be impossible.)

KPW and I have vowed to travel light for this leg of the trip...we'll see how successful we are. I'm just going to try my damndest to not pay extra for my bags!

My five:
  1. Time with my boys.
  2. Chicken soup from the Deli.
  3. Early bedtimes.
  4. Holiday catalogs.
  5. Slippers.


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