Banishing the grumpy old lady.

Sunrise in Malibu
The left coast is so good to us.

We got in late Sunday night, and were immediately welcomed into the arms of Santa Barbara's most lovely, generous family. We made it to our sleeping quarters around 10pm, which very much felt like 2am to these 2 east coasters.

Monday morning's sunny drive into LA proper along the Pacific Coast Highway slapped us into reverence...I wonder if the folks who commute that way stop seeing how gorgeous it is? Or if it's awe-inspiring regardless of how many times one has seen it?
(It would've been even more awe-inspiring had I made a pot of regular coffee instead of decaf. I seem to have a hard time adequately caffeinating myself in California.)

We heard singers and coaches at LA Opera's rehearsal space in Little Tokyo. (I think that's the neighborhood? It's part of the warehouse district, near the arts district...lots of districts in a three-block area!) It's a long room on the second floor, which means that the first few singers bounce up the stairs, start singing and then realize just how out-of-breath they are. We had a few second takes in the morning. :) But we heard some great singing, and some great monologues from Studio auditioners...the dramatic piece of the puzzle seems often to be more put together out here, no doubt from the prevalence of (perceived?) tv/film opportunities. And with the lovely Ninotchka on the keys and the Judgess as the monitor, we were in fabulous company all day. The other thing that's great about the space? The fact that there are a jillion exercise balls and even a mini trampoline in the room! It's easy to keep moving in this space, and it makes the day easier, for sure.

Today we have a workday in the trailer park. Time to back up data, make some decisions, and listen in on some work calls. We might even have time to visit the beach. I'm grateful for the slow day, as my body is trying to fight something off...I think a nap might be just the thing I need.

My five:
  1. Texts from's hard being away from my boys.
  2. The smell of the ocean.
  3. Rekindling relationships on the road.
  4. Warm generosity.
  5. Regular coffee.


Nell said…
I love the Pacific Coast Highway more than anything. Thinking of making it my home someday. When I do, you'll have to come and visit.
rahree said…
i would absolutely love that.

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