Dun, da dun dun DOOOOOOOOOONE!

Today we heard the last singer of the audition tour.


I'll let the boss lady churn out the statistics, as she's so good at that. But if I were to convert the number of arias we heard to, say, cheese cubes? Well, that'd be several years worth of party/reception cheese cubes. An array of cheese cubes that would easily make it impossible to fit into my favorite pants.

(Not that I'd know anything about that after being on the road for a month. Blergh.)

So, there's still lots to do. But I get to sleep in my own bed, and walk my dog around my little neighborhood...and that's gooooood stuff.

Tour highlights? Reconnecting with some great people. Seeing 4 amazing (if an ooch crazy/maudlin) operas, and some fanTAStic performances. Having surprises walk into every city on the tour. NOT shoplifting my lunch (by ACCIDENT, people!) in Chicago.

It was a crazy, grueling schedule, for sure...but I feel like we have a really strong perspective on the national state of young singers.

And it's a pretty strong state, to be sure.

For all of you folks who put yourself out there this audition season? Tutti bravi. I hope good things come your way!

My five:
  1. Puppy kisses.
  2. Hearing singers on home turf.
  3. Not having to pack a suitcase for a month.
  4. Great music-making.
  5. A national holiday justifying the mess I'm going to make in my kitchen.
And, as a gimme, the video to which we referenced almost daily during the tour. It has nothing to do with singing, but does capture the panel's mind set on several occasions. I think the tiny 'harumph' is my favorite part.


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