Giving Thanks

Today is a great day to reconnect with friends and family - to gather together, give thanks for all the good, break bread and laugh together.

I'm doing things a little differently.

My mom & brother are a few states away, and the last month's grueling travel schedule makes me reticent to pack ANYTHING and toddle to another city/state. I haven't had quality time with my hubby, my pets or my kitchen for months.

It's a grey, drizzly day, with just enough nip in the air to be invigorating.

So Thanksgiving? Becomes a lovely, low key day.

I started with coffee and music. Took a short jog in the cool air. Stuck the turkey breast in a maple brine for a few hours. Chopped veggies for roasting, made stuffing, assembled a fruit crisp (WAY easier than pie) and poured myself a glass of wine.

Cleaned up the kitchen as I went...might be the most adult thing I've done.

Talked to my mom.

Ate microwave popcorn for lunch.

Made sure hubby took his meds for a nasty back.

And here? On the flip side of a tasty meal for two? Well, there are LOADS of leftovers for soups and sandwiches and such over the next week. The kitchen is mostly clean. The dog and cat are curled at our feet, snoozing as the tryptophan hits.

And I might, just might, be back in my jammies. Watching House Hunters International, football, and a stroll around the block with El Diablo are the only things on the docket, other than perhaps starting a holiday gift list. And going to bed early, of course.

Wishing you a gentle, relaxing holiday, full of things that you need (regardless of whether or not you knew you needed them in the first place).

My five:
  1. Creating my own holiday traditions.
  2. Remembering my dad making up translations of Native American words. He tried very hard to convince us that Susquehanna (the river that ran through my childhood town) meant "C'mere, Hanna!"  Hanna was obviously the Chief's wife. (PC, my dad was!)
  3. Stuffing. Best food EVER.
  4. Needed time home with my boys.
  5. Family and friends.


Stephanie said…
Love it!!! Glad you're finally back and settling in. Good luck with the recovery process! :)
rahree said…
thanks, lady! i'm enjoying reading about your Russian adventure! (and honestly, i'm coveting that hot chocolate machine...) :)

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