Leg 2: Cincinnati

Ok, so Cincinnati and I have a rocky relationship. The first time I was here I loved that the geography and architecture reminded me so much of my western Pennsylvania stomping grounds. But several years of brief stops, coupled with this nightmare of epic proportion has my head swayed firmly against Cincinnati's charms.

Whatever they may be.

But this trip? I think that Cincinnati is trying to win me over. We had a short flight from disgustingly wet DC to sunny CVG, our bags arrived at the carousel in record time, the hotel gave each of us HUGE hotel rooms. Tomorrow a sunny baritone has promised to bring breakfast (and coffee!) along with him, and we're spending the day with two fun ladies with serious musical chops.

(Did I mention that my room is HUGE?)

Cincinnati, we're not besties yet...but if you keep this up, you might make my party list. You've at least made me forget (temporarily) about having to leave my purple suede booties at home.

My five:
  1. Big sandwiches. Smoked prime rib? Come to mama.
  2. Quiet time.
  3. Pop music...I'm needing it more than ever, since every time the TV or iTunes goes off my brain goes immediately to Aria Jukebox.
  4. Service people who are really, sincerely friendly. (Or really good actors. I'll take either.)
  5. Mushy text messages from my hubby.


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