my home away from home?

Before I visited Houston, I was convinced that every part of Texas was dry and desertlike, with huge bugs and lots of dust and really good spicy food.

But then I visited lovely, lush, green Houston. Houston in November is like the DC area in June. It's lovely and green, with just enough humidity to put a little bend in your hair but not so much that you end up looking like a jungle creature.

(I hope.)
Anyway, we hopped a flight from San Francisco to Houston, hoping against hope that we'd be able to see this little sea story at HGO. We knew we'd be cutting it close, but the universe smoothed out everything except our (road weary, craptastic) moods...the flight was lovely, our bags were first off the plane: we caught a cab, picked up room keys and tickets and headed for the opera house.

Smooth like glassssss, baby!

And, not ONLY did we see familiar faces on stage, we ran into several singers and pianists in the audience. Our social calendar is filling up BIG TIME. (Seriously. Have your people call my people.) AND I bumped into one of my fav students from my Pittsburgh days, the Poetess. She looks fabulous, and somehow? I'm not at all surprised to run into her at the opera.

In Texas.

On a random November evening.


Universe, please don't mind my grumpalicious mood - I am totally digging what you're throwing down.

Day one of a three-day-stand in H-ton begins tomorrow morning!

My five:
  1. Actually getting work done on a flight! AMAZING!
  2. Complimentary chocolate cookies.
  3. Large hotel rooms.
  4. Hearing the sound of horse hooves outside my window, in the middle of the city.
  5. Reconnecting.
No video, but audio for one of my favorite songs. A musical nightcap, if you will.


somehow i totally overlooked the fact that you have a blog! crazy. will now commence to follow your adventures :)

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