...that toddlin' town...

We've landed safely in Chicago! (And the flight was WAY better than this one. For. Sure.)

It was amazingly ironic that I packed the smallest bag I've ever packed IN MY LIFE for this jaunt. I fit all of my gak into one backpack...computer, files, clean clothes (promise!), magazines for the airplane.

You're thinking, "Rahree, that's not ironic. Resourceful or something, but not ironic."

To which I'd reply, "Well, we did fly Southwest...where bags fly free."

Yep. I could've packed a whole suitcase full of SHOES. For freeeee!!!!

(Seriously....what's happening to me?? WHO AM I??)

We're in a new room this fall, and from the photos it looks GORGEOUS. We typically hear strong singers in the Windy City for both programs, and I'm excited to get my ears back on after two short days back at the homestead. Since we're starting to distill the short lists, for both singers and pieces, there's a whole additional full time job that waits for us in the hours between auditions...listening, hypothesizing, making lists (and checking them twice, three, four times...), questioning and reframing and refining.

Early start tomorrow, and lots to do! More to come.

My five:
  1. Finish lines.
  2. Sunshine.
  3. Sweet hubster...he's cute.
  4. Interesting repertoire options...next summer is going to be FUN.
  5. Coffee. Seriously, Starbucks - this tour could be yours! Have your people call my people....


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