The Vontz Center at UC. Designed by Gehry. And sitting right outside my window!
Ok, Cincinnati, you've done it. With lovely weather, friendly people, a leisurely schedule, incredible food, good singing and that amazing double rainbow, you've won me over.

I no longer hate Cincinnati. In fact, I think it's a pretty lovely town!

(Although my football team is still going to kick your team's tuckus tomorrow night. I don't love you enough to forgo all smack talk.)

Today is a travel day AND daylight savings time. Which means that I've gained an hour this morning (Good thing those high school kids across the hall made sure I didn't go to bed too early last night...I'm sure it's delayed karmic payback for my own high school shenanigans.), and will gain another three when we fly to LA this evening.

(Can you say totally f-ed up body clock? Whoa.)

See y'all on the left coast - auditions tomorrow at LAOpera's rehearsal space!

My five:
  1. Sun salutations in the sunlight.
  2. Pleasant surprises.
  3. Tea before bed.
  4. New music. (video - of sorts - below!)
  5. Video chat.


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