You wanna talk nesting?

peanut butter dog biscuits!
Because I am SO there. After being away for so long, the last few days have been all about my house & family. I have totally trashed my kitchen on multiple occasions (Thanksgiving dinner for 2, homemade Manwich night, turkey jook, homemade dog biscuits, maple-hazelnut granola, pierogi filling, and today pierogis!), started decorating for the holidays (wreaths, porch lights and window candles...a little less motivated in this area...), and largely ignored the cleaning and organizing that I should be doing.

Can you say procrastination?

The big thing that I should be doing? That I really neeeed to be doing? Is casting. Ranking Studio applicants, listening to the audio again, making more notes. Looking at the repertoire possibilities for the summer and trying to construct an ensemble that can handle the choral demands while also covering the diversity in the principal singers so that role studies and Inside the Opera scene performances are castable. I've spent more than a few hours on it over the last few days, making sure that people are fresh in my mind, creating some scenarios, listening to audition tracks and recordings of the operas that we're considering. I don't have a system yet, this being my first time, so it's taking quite a bit of time and mental real estate.

Which, honestly, is the way it should be. I'd rather overthink it and really be able to defend my choices than to approach it with a cavalier attitude. It's important. 

And the other folks? At other summer programs? Who have been at this way longer than I? Well, they're making offers.  I don't want to lose someone that I'd really like to invite due to hemming and hawing, but I also don't want to rush. It's hard to hold so many good voices in my head, to weigh one against the other knowing that I had less than 10 minutes with each of them.

(Needless to say I'll be bookending the pierogi time this afternoon with some significant work.)

Another new thing in my world? Beside the lovely results of my kitchen escapades? Several extra pounds from eating my way across the country during October and November.
C&O Canal

So, I signed up for a half-marathon.

I must be high.

I know that I work better when I have a goal, though...and this race is on the C&O Canal, one of the most lovely places in the DC area. I used to live within walking distance to the trail, and this will be a lovely way to revisit one of my favorite places.

(It will also be a wonderful excuse to cram pasta into my maw on one evening in late January.)

So, while I will likely not be setting any land-speed records, (HA! the day that happens will also be the day that I also become tidy and develop an aversion to carbs.), I'm psyched to have a new goal to work towards. And I welcome any company....hint, hint....

My five:
  1. Puttery days with my guys.
  2. HGTV. After living in fixer-uppers as a kid, I love to watch renovations. (Hate to live through them, but love to watch!)
  3. Brisk days.
  4. Trashed kitchen and full fridge.
  5. Enjoying the holidays for the first time in years.


airstreamdiva said…
OMG. I have signed up for a half marathon too! A bunch of us in prod at HGO are doing it. When is your race? --- Let us know your progress!
rahree said…
Shut. UP. Seriously???

Mine's January 29th - when's yours???

(Great minds, I tell ya...great minds...) :)

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