a good day.

stuffing a giant wreath for Holiday Sing
I have to admit, I've been defaulting to "Grumpy Old Lady" mode more often than I'd like. Easily irritated, prone to poor-me-isms, with achy joints and a desire to wrap myself up in a fake illness and spend the day in bed.

But today? Well, today could've been more of the same. It's freakin' cold here, with winds that exemplify the word "rude." They cut through clothes, find those gaps between sleeve and glove, shirt and belt. I knew they were going to slap my cheeks silly this morning.

And they did. But only for the last half-block of the walk. A half-block...ok, totally doable.

And I got up early enough to get some stew into the crockpot before leaving for work.

And I remembered (and had time!) to get to the store before work for snacks...because snacks make the day suck WAY less. And this song was playing over the muzak at the store, but instead of making me feel old it made me totally happy.

And I got a lovely holiday boon at work. Two, actually!

And a situation for the summer was resolved in a most satisfactory (read: AWESOME) manner.

And I had two - count 'em, TWO - opportunities to make some fun music with work colleagues.

It was a good day.

So now I'm sitting here with a pot full of stew, a good candy bar and a tasty glass of wine...with catalogues for a little more holiday shopping...and with a big ol' bath fizzy to warm me up after walking El Diablo around the block in the wind. And I'm marveling that I've enjoyed today as much as I have. It's such a tricky time of year, fighting against the cold and the dark, without the discipline of January's resolutions. I'm looking forward to celebrating, but am simultaneously viscerally missing my dad.

(And I guess that's why Grumpy Old Lady's been around more...not because things are bad, but because I miss him, and there's just nothing to be done about it. So if I can't fight against it, wish it away, work it away or pierogi it away (7 dozen made! Watch out, Mrs. T!), I guess I'll just grump against it.)

But today? Well, I'd like to think that Dad's working a bit of holiday magic. And Dad? It was a truly magnificent Tuesday. 

(I can't WAIT to see what you have in store for Wednesday.)

My five:
  1. Polarfleece and down vests.
  2. Holiday Sing - carols and cookies? WIN WIN.
  3. Scarves. I'm living in a fuzzy black circular one.
  4. Trashing my kitchen. 
  5. The return of hat weather...my neighbors no longer have to hide their eyes from the lady with the scariest of all bed head.
edited to add: not ten minutes after posting this (and before the glass of wine, for the record) I totally tripped while walking the dog. Cue the fat lip and the subsequent flipping o'the bird at the universe. If you need me I'll be over here, picking the gravel out of my teeth.


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