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Ok, so half-marathon training is on hold while my knee returns to its original size. (Go big or go home, I say. And, as I was reminded today, I could've broken a tooth in my I'm still firmly in the "Lucky" camp.) To mourn the passing of several non-sweaty days and a holiday party or two, I've eaten the lion's share of a loaf of Italian bread slathered in butter, with a bit of stew as a chaser.

(Carb WIN.)

In other, possibly related news? Someone broke into my house when I was on the road! They took everything out of my closet and replaced it with the exact same item in a smaller size.

Sneaky bastards. Harumph. Lucky for me that January is a-comin', and with it smaller portion sizes and a renewed gym routine.

Lucky for you? I haven't posted a good link-o-rama in a looooong time. Let me remedy that STAT!
  • I love this little video - I'm only a little embarrassed that it made me cry.
  • Amen, my doodling friend.
  • Try this. You can call me DJ Rahree
  • Are you a daily autocorrect fan? This is for you.
  • WANT.
  • Having lost my father-in-law for hours in a Smithsonian museum makes this even more amusing.
  • Lisbeth Salander AND Sherlock Holmes? YES.
  • I made this with Thanksgiving leftovers...and it's super tasty.
  • Ow. Even if it is for art's sake...still, ow.
  • I can't tell you how much I love this series. Playful, fun and a bit disturbing. Good stuff!
  • A good reminder...
  • is this.
  • And this? Well, you can see this at work all the time. (Guilty as charged...)
  • Agreed. Please??
  • Along with heated seats and flight capabilities? This is what my car needs.
That's all for now... time to whine about my poor beaten visage and knee for some sympathy from the hubs...hope he doesn't catch onto my antics too soon!

My five?
  1. Lazy evenings.
  2. Hot tea.
  3. Stew.
  4. ADD workdays.
  5. Early bedtimes.


Nell said…
Watch that knee. Did the same thing last year while I was training for a half marathon and I kept running. My bruised bone fell apart and I gave myself three stress fractures. Needless to say, there was no half marathon.

I learned that knees are really valuable and MRI's are very expensive...
jess said…
Oh no! Good luck with that knee. Ouch! And Nell's story is SUPER SCARY!

In other news I have been pretty much exactly the same Grumpy Old Lady lately.
rahree said…
nice to have support from y'all for easing up on the training. I think I'll do a 10 miler later in the spring, which takes a bit of the training pressure off. It's feeling better today, but looking SUPER ugly. (it's actually kinda cool-looking, in a very gross way.)

Nell - i'm going to learn from your mistakes and rest. And Jess - we should have a bi-coastal GOL meeting sometime with virtual cocktails and good music and loud grumping.

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