masochism lives!

I'm obviously finally feeling better. How else to celebrate than with a trip to the Galleria on the Saturday before Christmas??

I'm nuts, I know.

But hear me out: it's the smaller of the 2 malls (the other being Tysons, which is HUGE and a total madhouse on normal weekends), the Macy's is tidier and more thoughtfully curated that at the other location, and there are always fewer people because of the plethora of really expensive stores.

And they have indoor snow. Seriously!

(It makes the incessant carols totally bearable.)

I was just trying to find a cute holiday outfit for Christmas day...we get together with hubby's side of the family, and they're all teeny and super-stylish. (After 10 years? Yep, still feeling pressure to look good at the in-laws.) And, after scouring the mall, I still don't really have anything to show for it, other than a new appreciation for peppermint mocha lattes. And a bag full of candy for the in-laws.

(And maybe a candy bar for myself.)

Speaking of hubby: those of you who know us know that he has a magical ability to thwart even my most thoughtful gift giving. Year after year I agonize over his presents (because there's less than a month between Christmas and his birthday, it's a double whammy), and almost every year he somehow divines out what I've decided to buy him, and tries to purchase it himself. Kayak lessons, bike gear, a laptop...all previous gifts that he tried to purchase for himself mere days before the holiday. (I am still indebted to the stalwart saleswoman at the kayak place who refused to let him purchase the lessons even after his browbeating. I'm glad he called the next day to apologize!)

This year's installment? An iPad. He tried to buy one Thursday night, even as the one that I had ENGRAVED to him sat upstairs in my nightstand.


I gave it to him that he could play with it before his trip to Chicago on Monday.

(I'm getting him socks for his birthday. Nothing but socks. That'll teach him.)

My five:
  1. Feeling better. I HATE being sick!
  2. The Sing-Off. I seriously almost started to cry a few times - from joy! It's goooood stuff!
  3. Gray weekend days. Makes curing up with a book almost mandatory.
  4. Low-key family celebrations...I'm excited for the holidays!
  5. Chocolate and peppermint.


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