a new year's wish

This is a hard time of year. And it's been a hard year for many of my friends and family...

Major health concerns.

Crumbling relationships.

Loved ones lost.

There was a time when it seemed like everyone was getting married, having kids, celebrating. We tried to figure out how to buy enough presents for all the occasions we were invited to,  juggled our schedules to make it to the various parties and weddings and showers, and once or twice threw our very own bridezilla fits. (Ahem.)We figured out how to make small talk with people we likely wouldn't ever see again, how to sit in that dress that was a wee bit too tight in the wrong spots, how to walk across grass in stilettos. We tried to support the people we loved, even when money and time were both tight.

Boy, those were nice problems to have, eh?

I miss those days. Even though I wouldn't go back for anything, the older-but-wiser me would like for 2011 to have WAY more celebration than we were allotted in 2010.

Less grieving, less strife. Less sickness. Less hopelessness.

More transformation.

More excitement.

More magic.

More joy.

What are you hoping to find in 2011?


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