reasons I love snow part #27

Here's a secret that's not really a secret: the teachers are almost always happier about a snow day than the kids are.
Santa came to my office!

Old habits die hard, friends...the office closed early, and even though I was making some good progress I was out of there as quickly as my boots would take me. I'm happily ensconced on my couch, a dog at my feet, the tv tuned to my dvr'd episodes of Glee and The Sing Off. The cat is running around the house like crazy, watching the coven of crows that have roosted in our neighborhood. (I can't tell from the cawing whether they're enjoying the snow or are bitching about it...) I'm weighing my afternoon options...nap? Or making chowder & biscuits?

Both. Most decidedly.

The early dismissal is actually a really good thing, though. I'm still (!) struggling with getting better...the cold temperatures outside, the dog that needs walking in said frigid temperatures, the gimped up hubby, and the office that still hasn't reached above 65 degrees is making recovery a little more of a challenge than normal. I still totally sound like a phone sex operator! But there's still casting to be done, Christmas presents to buy and wrap, friends to connect with...all fun stuff that I'd like to really enjoy, not just get through. So maybe an afternoon on the couch before a busy weekend is just what the Dr. ordered, right?

Wait, he drives a green SUV? Where's Blitzen?
Nap. Then chowder and biscuits.

Yup. It's a plan.

My five:
  1. Fleece-lined pants. Such a brilliant concept, they should be awarded the Nobel Fleece Prize! (Thanks for the pun, Brenda!)
  2. Flameless candles - so cool!
  3. Unexpected free time.
  4. Time to reflect.
  5. New resolutions.


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